My husband and I won a DNA test to tell us the baby's gender. I was twelve weeks and we wanted to know if our baby was a boy or girl. So, we drove almost two hours to have my blood drawn and purchased a stuffed animal with baby's heartbeat recorded. We loved being able to see our baby on the 65 inch TV. It was definitely worth the drive. Such a nice and friendly atmosphere. Melissa is so sweet and makes you feel very welcomed. It's nice to have someone who is passionate about there job and that doesn't make you feel like another client. Definitely recommend this place.

Sadie W.

Take a Look at the Life Growing Inside of You With A High Definition Ultrasound

Get a 3D/4D/HD ultrasound in Bozeman, MT today

You've already planned the baby shower. You're dreaming about those adorable onesies. Twenty-one weeks is a long time to wait to see your little angel and know the gender with a regular 2D ultrasound. You can come find out the gender of your baby by ultrasound at 16 weeks and by blood test at 9 weeks. You can come in throughout the pregnancy starting at 8 weeks and capture moments that you want to bring home to share with friends and family."

Whether you want to see your baby's face or just find out their gender, elective ultrasound services are a special way to bond with your little one before he or she is born.

Our Studio

Our Studio

Take a look at our comfortable facility for your pregnancy ultrasound.

Gender Determination through Sneak Peek Clinical

Gender Determination through Sneak Peek Clinical

Reveal the gender of your baby starting at 9 weeks

Heartbeat Animals

Heartbeat Animals

Create a lasting memory of your baby's heartbeat.

3D/HD Ultrasound

3D/HD Ultrasound

Get the first glimpse of your baby.

Get an adorable stuffed animal

With your baby's heartbeat

Want to take home a memory you'll treasure for a lifetime? During your elective ultrasound appointment in Bozeman, MT, ask us to add on a heartbeat animal. Heartbeat animals are stuffed animals that play a recording of your baby's heartbeat. Give them to military spouses, excited grandparents, siblings eager to meet their little brother or sister, or even take them home to keep for yourself. They're the gift that keeps on giving for years to come after your child is born.

Want to add this to your ultrasound package? Call 406-589-6909 now to tell a member of our team.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Take a
Sneak Peek of Your Baby

All parents want to feel as connected to their growing little one. A 3D/4D/HD ultrasound will:

1. Have a memorable bonding experience

2. Bring you joy when you see your baby's face for the first time

3. Let you find out your little angel's gender

There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your child for the first time. Admire your baby's fingers, toes, nose and every other detail. Start bonding with the little life inside of you by making a 3D/4D/HD ultrasound appointment in Bozeman, MT.